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Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

The Cat

If I could imagine or understand what cat say maybe he want to say live surent easy

We eat then sleep, we lazy we are cat, every human loves cat because we are cute we are nice we are hairy we are soft we are small, we are flavorous we are cool we are famous in the world

And then why the cat hear so arrogant for

Because he so popular in the eye of human and alien

Cat in show is ussual, cat in the movie, cat in cartoon, cat in champ, cat in politics that’s unusual?.

Babies loves much cat, for babies cat is a funny friend, you can squize them or you can bite them, than flap them with your feet if hurt you much.

Oh why everybody talks cat

Why everyone loves cat

one of us loves cat, hated, afraid, contempt

Here pus pus pus meow pus pus meow

Eat this chicken you pussy cat, you must training your self puss you get a big belly because you have to many sleep and eat. How you can be a star if you always were like that. Go go puss go go puss train your body. Like Garfield look he got a shiny hair and a funny face but he is fat. He don’t worry for his body cause he is a star. Garfield can talk in the movie cause is just a cartoon. I don’t want to hear you talk puss (like garfield) because you can make me dizzy with your spoke everytime. I just want you to be like that. Just meoww and meoww and meooww. It sounds good for me. But if you say that loud I get mad.

I sleep with my cat beside me, his name is micky, he was dump in the street with my grandpa because he don’t like cat very much. Oh micky was became tame when I teach him to catch a mouse in our house he catch it. He also not moves in our house. Micky became amenable for me because I care him from babies. I found him in the street around mosque al Mukhlisin. I wonder how big now is.

My friends Tomo have five-cat, one chicks four guy. People complain about cat in the mosque because the cat ussualy like to play hide and seek in the mosque when people doing activities like pray. But people feel pity when the cat emaciate, then they ask tomo are you give them eat they look beanpole ooh what a pity. Ghoni usualy kick them when they became behave not good.

‘<>’ Wroted by G0pan!!!!!

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